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The Best Spot in Tegernsee

Events and functions directly at the Point in Tegernsee

The Stieler-Haus is located in the middle of the once royal estate at the most beautiful point in Tegernsee: The Point. In the past, as today, the Stieler House is a meeting place for the best in their field: artists, scientists and beauties.

Time for a short stroll?

The Stieler Circular Trail

The Stieler Cicular Trail is approx. 45 min. In the footsteps of the Stielers: starting from Stieler-Haus  discover the Stieler Monument and Parapluie - via Lärchenwaldweg and Karl-Stieler-Strasse to the Tegernsee Valley Museum with paintings by Joseph Stieler - continuing via the cemetery where his grave can be found and then returning to the lake via the monastery and fisheries to the starting point.

Hotel Der Westerhof

For your overnight accommodation:

The Westerhof - the largest monastery cloister in the Tegernsee Valley provided recreation for Benedictine monks as early as 1017. Today it is an privately-run hotel in a fantastic location above the lake at Tegernsee - a jewel in the best villa area. Outstanding holiday accommodation with Tegernsee charm. A place of vitality and creativity.