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The "Stieler-Haus" at Tegernsee

A place for indulgence, Tegernsee history and attention to detail.
A lifestyle unique to Upper Bavaria - airy, relaxed and steeped in tradition.
Welcome to the "Stieler-Haus".


A varied programme of literary, musical, cultural and artistic events takes place throughout the year at the Westerhof-Café im Stieler-Haus.
We will tempt you to some fine cuisine appropriate to the theme of each individual event.


First impressions of the Westerhof Café im Stieler-Haus - views of the inside and looking out. Let yourself be inspired. We look forward to welcoming you personally here in Tegernsee in the near future, and being able to introduce you to our unique restaurant.

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History of Stieler-Haus in Tegernsee

Part of Tegernsee's lively history.
The Stieler Family's artistic history - spanning more than 180 years - has given the Westerhof Café in Stieler-Haus its unique and very special character. You can experience this fascinating atmosphere in every corner of the building.

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Overnight Accommodation

After enjoying fine cuisine at the Westerhof Café Stieler-Haus, for those wanting to continue to enjoy the delights that Tegernsee has to offer and looking for a place to rest, Hotel Der Westerhof offers just the right accommodation. Only a 5-minute drive from Stieler-Haus, in a unique position 180 metres above the lake at Tegernsee; fantastic views, nature and peace and quiet included.

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